Zero to Friendship

Before coming to Holy Land Designs, I didn't know the power behind an embrace. I knew where my boundary lines were and often feared what I did not know. Growth through diversity and respect for others, no matter how different or apart we are, is challenging. But well worth it! Living in community is such a blessing, and I am on a journey to learn what it means to navigate through life and live well together. 

After serving with them for several months, I see the remarkable value in getting to know someone who I wouldn't otherwise ever meet. Love looks like something, and I get to love each time by listening and engaging with my little Arabic and intercultural skills. I am so thankful for my managers who make an impact on everyday life. And I'm especially thankful to have met the talented men and women living and working here in Jordan. 

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  • I love the holly land I wood love to live there just be close to my lord I love your all the woods thing you make love all of gods people bless you all

    Bernice shackleford

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