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Carving out Opportunities to Enrich Lives

Desert Rose Holy Land Designs is an outreach to the physically challenged and underprivileged in the Hoy Land. The Desert Rose Workshop currently trains and employs around 20 full-time workers.

For centuries, Holy Land artisans have expressed their creative talents through such natural media as stone, wood, and sand. Today Middle Eastern families continue to carve, weave, press, and dye a variety of articles reflecting the culturally rich, yet often harsh world of their surroundings.

A foundational principle of Desert Rose is to work for the good of the community, making certain that the artisans who produce its unique handicrafts make a “living wage.” This means that an average salary is sufficient to provide housing, food and education for a family of four.

Commitment to Quality
Desert Rose is committed to providing beautiful heirloom-quality products of the highest standard.  Innovative design and quality control are foundational in the production of each of our diverse hand-crafted collections.

Map to Shop in Amman

Commitment to Fair Trade

Desert Rose is committed to providing an alternative approach to business where the objective is not profit at any cost, but rather  to help the world’s most marginalized people escape poverty and promote sustainability.  Fair trade encourages people to acquire job skills and provides them a living income based on sustainable business practices.

Fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equality in international trade.