Lazuli Night Sky Bracelet
Modeled Lazuli Night Sky Bracelet with Olive Wood Oval Beads
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Modeled Lazuli Night Sky Bracelet with Olive Wood Oval Beads

Lazuli Night Sky Bracelet

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  • Made from Oval Olive Wood Beads and Blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstones
  • Iron twisted chain, Platinum color
  • Chain Length: 9.5in (24cm), adjustable length.
  • Nickel-free brass clasp, Platinum color

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From the designer: 

When I first came to Jordan, I discovered a lot of beautiful landscapes and was mesmerized by all Jordan had to offer. 'Wadi Rum' is a must see in Jordan. 

As I was walking there, I could feel the rich sand under my feet while gazing at the amazing formation of the steep, high mountains which made me feel so small. As the sun sets behind the horizon and the world around you starts to darken, you begin to leave the trance that kept you fixated on the glory of creation. Then... suddenly, millions of stars appear and shine above your head – absolutely breath-taking. The sky, the stars, the nature around us is beautifully created and we may enjoy it every day. 

By wearing these beautiful 'Lazuli Night Sky' jewelry pieces 'Wadi Rum' is brought much closer.

With love from Jordan, 
Holy Land Designs